DC Motor Controller

Power to the People.

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Standard Model.  Plug-and-play compatible with most standard EV equipment.

Designed to run all series-wound DC motors up to 13-inches in diameter.  This controller is NOT current limited and it can be used for drag racing applications.  Output is fault protected.

Compatible with any three-wire potentiometer (available below).  Nominal battery pack voltage should be limited to around 320 volts. 

Comes with installation manual and vehicle harness.

Standard Model - Electrolytic/Film Caps  $2299 USD

EP-1000 (Standard Model)


100% Film Capacitors  $2499 USD

100% Film Capacitors


EPC Throttle Control

Features a state-of-the-art, industrial 5000 ohm potentiometer (manufactured by Honeywell Corp.) installed in a durable, Stainless Steel enclosure.  Pre-adjusted for no idle.  Long service life.

This throttle control is compatible with all EPC controllers, including the EP-2000, EP-1000, EP-Junior, and NEV controller.  Plugs directly into the controller without the need to splice or join any wires.

$149 USD