DC Motor Controller

Plug-and-play controllers and battery chargers are just the beginning.  Our all-in-one VCM (Vehicle Control Module) offers plug-and-play power steering and power brakes for almost any vehicle.  Try that for convenience.


The EP-1000 and EP-2000 controllers are engineered to handle up to 1000 and 2000 amps, respectively.  They are intended for all EV applications, from daily driving to all-out drag racing.  

The EP-Junior is designed for lighter cars/vehicles, and is rated for up to 500 amps.  It has the same features at the EP-1000, but is intended for lighter-duty applications.

The NEV controller is designed for Neighborhood Electric Vehicles, golf carts, and smaller transports.  It can handle loads up to 100 amps continuous / 400 amps peak.


EPC also manufactures other plug-and-play components, including battery chargers, power brake/steering units, and fully enclosed contactor assemblies.  

We also stock high performance DC motors, including the Warp 9, Warp 11, and General Electric 13-inch motors.

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