DC Motor Controller

Power.  It's what's for dinner.


The EP-Junior features built-in cables for fast and easy installation.  Also available as an option on the EP-1000.


EP-1000 Standard Features

•  True plug-and-play design... simply connect and go!


•  100% IGBT-based drive system - no small MOSFETS or Transistors to fail!

•  Full Short-Circuit Protection for motor and output leads

•  Soft-start technology allows for smoother acceleration


•  100% Waterproof and wet-location (IP68) compliant

•  No programming required!

•  No liquid or fan cooling required thanks to efficient IGBT modules and heatsink design

•  Full optical isolation between high voltage side and 12-volt system for added safety

•  Compatible with any battery pack up to 348 volts!

•  Non-metallic enclosure increases safety and prevents corrosion


•  Built-in contactor delay allows you to power up the contactors and controller at

the same time without the possibility of damaging components


•  All stainless steel / brass terminals and hardware

•  Energy-saving design operates at over 97% efficiency



Safety Features

The EP-1000 incorporates many industry-standard safety features, in addition to some unique safety features that are only available from EPC.  Most of these features are automatic, and do not require any type of setup or user intervention.
Soft-Start Technology smooths throttle response for better traction control -- especially in wet or snowy conditions.  Also makes for a more comfortable ride by eliminating the "jerky" throttle response found in many low-end controllers.
Brake pedal input provides an additional margin of  safety for electric vehicles.  When activated, the controller will ignore the the throttle input and go back to 0% throttle anytime that the brake pedal is pressed.  Although this feature is not required for operation, we strongly recommend using it for all electric vehicle installations.  This can be a potentially life-saving feature in the event of throttle linkage bind / failure.
Throttle Input Protection.  In the event that any of the three throttle (potentiometer) wires become disconnected, the controller will immediately return to 0% throttle.
Short Circuit Protection.  In the event that the motor or motor wires become shorted, the controller will automatically shut itself down to prevent damage to the controller and motor.  This also helps prevent fires due to shorts in the wiring/motor. 
Waterproof.  To prevent the possibility of electric shock, the EP-1000 features a completely sealed, water-tight enclosure.  Testing has shown that the EP-1000 can successfully operate for 30 minutes while submersed under 10 feet of water -- with no visible water intrusion.  It features a non-metallic case, isolated heatsink, and boot protectors for additional safety.  Unless otherwise specified, all EPC controllers can be used for marine applications.
High Voltage Isolation protects the driver and service technician while the controller is operating.  The 12 volt vehicle system and all the controller's sensors are completely isolated from the high voltage inputs of the controller.

Legacy Features

Off-the-shelf Components

All EPC controllers are built using readily available, off-the-shelf industrial components.  This allows for easy upgrading and servicing by non-OEM repair centers.

Open Sourcing

Over the past few years, many aftermarket EV component manufactures have either gone out of business, or have stopped supporting their products.  This leaves EV owners with little or no support for the thousands of dollars worth of equipment that they purchased.

EPC does not plan to discontinue the EP-1000 anytime in the near future.  However, if and when the EP-1000 reaches its end-of-production, EPC will add an Open Source tab to this webpage.  The same will happen if EPC closes, or gets purchased by another company.

The Open Source section will contain all the information needed to re-build and service the EP-1000, and most other EPC controllers.  Any proprietary components will also be made available for sale by a trusted third party.