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DC Motor Controller


Enterprise Power Corporation has developed a line of advanced electric vehicle controllers designed specifically for brushed, series-wound DC motors



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The EP-1000 brings an entirely
new dimension to the world of electric vehicles. 





    In a world where true 1000-amp DC motor controllers often sell for $3000 to $4000 USD, many people opt for the lack-luster performance of smaller, more affordable controllers.  In response, EPC Corporation has developed a true 1000-amp controller for electric vehicle builders who want amazing performance on a budget.


Our simplified IGBT-based design allows for unparalleled reliability, and tremendous power capacity. With a starting price of only $1999, you get a controller that handles up to 370 volts, 1000 amps, and has the ability to operate while submersed in over 10 feet of water.
Power, Reliability, Performance.  It's what we're made of.